Whitewater, BC

The last place we decided to ski in British Columbia was Whitewater. We crashed at Josh’s uncles place in New Denver, BC the night before. His cousin made us an amazing Mexican meal before we crashed for the night.

In the morning we had an amazing huge breakfast and then made our way to Whitewater. I was still injured from Whistler and heli-skiing so I sat this one out, again. FML. I walked around and snapped some photos before chilling with Ursula in the lodge.

Once Matt and Josh made their way back to the lodge we had lunch. After that, Josh and Ursula decided to hike to some powder while Matt and I went back to the Suburban to hang out and watch some Big Bang Theory episodes.

It was nice mellow way to end the trip. Well we still have about an 8 hour drive to back to Seattle, but that’s a necessary evil.

Josh Ursula Driving to WhiteWater BC

Whiterwater BC Trees

Whiterwater BC Lodge

Whiterwater BC through skis

Whiterwater BC