Scuba Diving in Cancun

Marc, Matt, Mallory, and I before scuba diving

Here’s a video of us scuba diving in Cancun on May 25th. Officially, we dove in the Parque Nacional Costa Occidental de Isla Mujeres.

This was my first time scuba diving and definitely won’t be my last time exploring the depths beneath the surface. I’m actually already looking into getting my scuba diving certification so I can visit other reefs. If you’ve never been scuba diving, it’s surprising easy to pick up. We dove to around 60 feet, but the entire time I felt like I was no deeper than 10 feet. It’s an experience you will never forget.

We made two dives on the trip. The first lasted about 30 minutes and the second 45 minutes. The video below chronicles our first dive. It was shot by Irene Da Silva (thanks!). Enjoy!

Scuba Diving Cancun // May 25, 2012 from Richard Bizick on Vimeo.