Rain, Rain, Go Away. Go Away So Snow Can DUMP!!!

Today was my fourth day on snow this season and arguably the worst day of the season. Woke up around 8 AM to find it pouring rain outside! What a bummer after three days of half decent early season skiing.

It wasn’t until 12:30 PM that the rain let up and I was able to get on the hill. I got 4 runs in before it started to downpour and I retreated to my truck. About 15 minutes later, the rain ended and I got back on the lift. I got another 4 or 5 runs in before calling it a day.

In places, the snow wasn’t too bad but in others it was a thick, sticky mess of snow that made getting any speed on the flats impossible. The forecast is calling for snow tonight through tomorrow afternoon so here’s to hoping to a great day on the slopes tomorrow!





A Misty Day at Wisp Resort

I kicked off the 2014-15 ski season at Wisp Resort in Maryland where I’m a season pass holder. Unfortunately, I had work over Thanksgiving and missed some pretty solid early season Midatlantic skiing. After some great early season skiing, we were plagued with warm weather and rain which annihilated any based Wisp built up.

My first day on the slopes was misty one. Visibility was not great. At times you were lucky if you could see 50 feet in front of you. (Made me happy to have fog-lights one my new RAM EcoDiesel)!

Overall conditions were not too bad minus the fact you could barely see. I’m optimistic tomorrow will bring better conditions!






My 2014 RAM Ecodiesel: November 2014 Fuel Economy Update

As most of you know, I got my 2014 RAM Ecodiesel the day before Thanksgiving. As a result, I only had a few days of driving in November. Most of the driving was either by the dealer or other people test driving. I’m already impressed with the fuel economy numbers I’m seeing, and hope things continue to improve as the engine breaks in. Currently, I average about 50 miles per day of mostly highway driving. The truck was averaging 17.1 miles per gallon when I drove it off the lot FYI.

Here’s how the numbers broke down for November 2014:
Total Miles: 233 miles
Average MPG: 20.1 miles per gallon
EPA Estimated: 19 City / 28 Highway / 22 Combined
Current Odometer Reading: 233 miles

– Biz

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